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Workers can access their current and historic payslips through the secure payslip portal located here

Each worker needs to self-register to access their payslip information for the first time.  As long as the 'Email new payslip notification' option has been ticked on the worker record, registration details will be emailed to the worker.   

(A sample of the email sent to the workers).
Subject: John Doe, Your Payslip Is Ready

Dear John Doe,

Your payslip is ready to view at

If you're not registered, you may register here or click the register link from the login page and use the company code 123456.


Your Employer

Can my payslips be emailed or posted to my workers?

No.  Payslips can only be accessed by the worker through the payslip portal.  Alternatively you can access the payslips through InTime to download and distribute manually.

My worker has not received the payslip email.

Please check the following:

The email address on the workers record is correct.

The email has not been filed in the workers junk mail box.

The 'Email new payslip notification' has been ticked on the workers record.

I forgot to check the 'Email new payslip notification' box.

New payslip notifications are sent once per week only.  If this has been left unticked you will need to supply the payslip portal address to your worker with your company code.  Please contact for your company code if needed.

Can we CC in a company mail box to the payslip notification email?

Yes.  Please email with the email address to be copied in.