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(Please review ‘Client’ agreement schedule 2 for specific details)

Please note, the RSM support desk service is offered to the InTime Licencee ('Client') only - typically; primary and support contacts as well as system 'Administrators'.

We do not offer direct support to our 'Clients' external contractors, managers etc.

Support Desk Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 9am – 5.30pm

(except Bank Holidays)

Support Contact details


Telephone: 01473 632820

To check the current status of InTime, please see here: InTime Status Page

In case of support escalation please contact the Support Manager, Stephen Lewis, by email at or by phone at 01473 632 850.

Submitting a Support Case

When you telephone the support team, a member of the team will take your name, company information and some additional details and check to see if you are in our support database. We will take the support case details and try to help.

If possible, please email the support team and attach screen shots and supporting files.

We typically ask for as much detail as possible to help us investigate. For example:

  • Please ensure that the fault is reproducible on more than one machine. A bug/fault  will be common to all machines.  If it can only be produced on one machine then the problem exists in the configuration of the individual workstation or network, support for which is not covered by the ‘Client’ agreement; and
  • Provide detailed, written information concerning the fault, including but not limited to the following:
    • Full text of any message(s) displayed (for example error messages, logs, crash screens);
    • All the steps required to reproduce the fault;
    • The specifications of the computer where the issue manifested. For example, the operating system version, browser details, and internet connection details.
    • Exact time(s) of fault manifestation(s);and
    • Details of any data being accessed at the time of the fault, for example, any record reference that could identify the data being accessed.

Support SLA’s

Support SLA’s effective from GO LIVE. Please review ‘client’ agreement schedule 2 for details.

  • The help desk, in consultation with the Licensee, will analyse and prioritise all calls using the priority definitions listed below:
    • Priority 1 (Self Service Support Portal – High)        
      A critical fault that requires a fix to allow continued use of the Software.  A Priority 1 fault will take precedence over other non-system-critical faults.  The problem will be addressed and resolved as quickly as possible in accordance with the Resolution Target Time below.
    • Priority 2 (Self Service Support Portal – Medium)    
      A critical problem for which there is an acceptable but inconvenient workaround. A Priority 2 fault will take precedence over Priority 3 faults and will be addressed when there are no higher priority faults outstanding.
    • Priority 3 (Self Service Support Portal – Low)
      A problem which has little impact on normal operations or with an easy workaround. These will be addressed as and when resources allow.

Resolution Target Times

    • Priority 1 (Self Service Support Portal – High). Fixed within 1 Business Day
    • Priority 2 (Self Service Support Portal – Medium). Fixed within 3 Business Days
    • Priority 3 (Self Service Support Portal – Low). Fixed within 20 Business Days
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