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(except Bank Holidays)

Support Contact details


Telephone: 01473 632820

In case of support escalation please contact the Support Manager, Stephen Lewis, by email at or by phone at 01473 632 850.

Submitting a Support Case


  • Please ensure that the fault is reproducible on more than one machine. A bug/fault  will be common to all machines.  If it can only be produced on one machine then the problem exists in the configuration of the individual workstation or network, support for which is not covered by the ‘Client’ agreement; and
  • Provide detailed, written information concerning the fault, including but not limited to the following:
    • Full text of any message(s) displayed (for example error messages, logs, crash screens);
    • All the steps required to reproduce the fault;
    • The specifications of the computer where the issue manifested. For example, the operating system version, browser details, and internet connection details.
    • Exact time(s) of fault manifestation(s);and
    • Details of any data being accessed at the time of the fault, for example, any record reference that could identify the data being accessed.

Self Service Support Portal

(Available for all clients running InTime v4.6.1T rev21535 and above)

Please request login access/set-up via Support desk.

The client self service portal enables secure, two-way communication with your clients and keeps track of every ticket, status change and new request. The portal gives clients a simple way to submit requests, search for information and track ticket status.

It provides:

  • Two-way communication between the client and support desk.
  • Intelligent first response to triage incoming service tickets.
  • Faster and more accurate service ticket submission.
  • Reduces support calls by enabling greater self-service.
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry by keeping all service information in one place.
  • Increases clients visibility into the status of tickets and the work the support desk is doing..

To access a basic self-service support portal (via ‘support’ tab pictured below)–

Old Style UI Pictured below

Image Removed

New Style UI Pictured below

Image Removed

Please see related Document:-


We have two user levels:

  • User
  • Super user

  If you are a self-service portal "super user," you will be able to view all of the open and resolved cases submitted by everyone in your company.


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Support SLA’s

Support SLA’s effective from GO LIVE. Please review ‘client’ agreement schedule 2 for details.